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Greetings from Yorkshire

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Stumbled across this site from a link on Practical Caravan, relating to using an Antara as a tow car. Cheers for whoever it was who posted that!

Had mine since November 2012, and love it. One or two minor niggles, the sunglasses holder rattles a little and the centre console cover thing on the dashboard top has popped out. Off to the dealers for that soon.

So far I've learnt that my MPG is about average, my headlights on auto aren't faulty and the little arrow next to the fuel indicator points to where the fuel filler cap is... never really wondered what it was for, but now I know.

Also, seems there's a bit of a white Antara cult around here... sorry... heretic in black here.

One question... anyone else have a problem of having to re-pair a bluetooth phone every now and again? Could be the phone, or the car. Will be replacing the phone soon, so, hopefully it's that that is throwing a wobbly.
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Welcome to the forum Jon even though you have a black Antara

I think replacing your phone will fix your Bluetooth issue. I had a similar problem with a previous car and replacing the phone did the trick.
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Hi Jon and a big welcome from sunny Scotland, you have the second colour I would have picked lol, I say the same as Grumps and the phone maybe the issue as it happened to me and it was a samsung, I have a windows phone and I have no problems now, have a good day
Hi Jon and welcome from me too.

white Antara cult around here... sorry... heretic in black here.
You will find one or two of us with similar taste in colour
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thanks for the welcomes! Glad it's my phone that is the likely cause, another reason to justify a new one
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Yes I nice windows phone lol
Welcome Jon where abouts in Yorkshire are you I am a stranded geordie residing in sunny Pontefract for the last 14 years and yep you guess it my Antara is also WHITE
Sheffield here
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