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I don't know if I'm imagining it, but when searching for technicalinformation about cars, I seem to be getting deluged with cars sales listings instead of stuff about my question.
For example, after the recent question on stop/start for auto Antaras, I googled "Vauxhall Antara stop start".

The first 100 lines in the results were for car sales. I had to exclude lots of key words just to get a few entries that were not sales related.

It's not just with cars I've noticed this recently. I've been getting similar sales biased lists for all sorts of searches. It makes it hard to get the sort of answers you might be looking for due to the relevant stuff being swamped by the sales stuff.

Has anyone else noticed this? How about some of you trying the same search term I used. Do a search for "Vauxhall Antara stop start", (without the brackets), and see if at least the first 100 entries are all about car sales.

Maybe I've changed some setting in google, but I can't see anything that would prioritise sales listing over other info.

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Evening Inchy

I did the search as per your request and I can confirm that thewell and received the same results as you mentioned.

As you will be aware, the resultant hits from any search are supposed to be both pertinent and popular but that is no longer the case with software being openly available that allows website owners to make their site more popular than it actually is.

This means that relevant sites that don't use this means, become overtaken and are lost down the rankings. Just in case there is any doubt, I am not suggesting that any "car sales" website is using this software.

This is the first time in over four years that I have actually used Google and before I did I used a proxy so as to keep me safe.

I use a little known search engine called DuckDuckGo as it delivers search results without tracking my searches and preferences.

For those of you who do use Google, have a little look at this........
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