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Good morning all

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Hello all, thought I'd join the forum as we ordered our Antara Diamond AWD yesterday...Loved the test drive, really surprised us both. Few things to sort, but deposit down.
Have read thro' quite a few of your posts on here & that has given me a good deal in confidence in selecting this car, so thanks to all.

Update once we collect


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And a good morning to you, welcome to the forum. You have made a good choice, I have the auto version.
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Good evening to you both I have a Antara two
buts it is a SENAV Auto and is one year and 9 days old I have no problems with it so far thus it has been a really good choice of SUV what colour did you pick and when do you receive it.
And welcome to the site
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Welcome to the forum.

If you have any other questions ask away hopefully we can help you out.
Welcome to the forum Paul, I'm sure you will enjoy your Antara, are you going to be towing with??? I also have a Diamond AWD 163bhp, great tow car.
Welcome to the forum.
Good evening all,
Many thanks for the welcome, apologies for not being here, but work took over etc etc.
Dipped out on the new Antara Diamond, encountered a bit too aggressive sales pitch, the resulting greater than promisedfinance plan put us both off.

So things quietened down a bit, for a while anyway, backed off from the new & looked elsewhere, even Kia, but on Wednesday we pick-up a '13 plate Carbon Flash SE Nav 160 from our local Vauxhall Dealer.
Very happy with the test drive, again, hoping that translates into a good owner experience.

Was wondering tho' if the Antara was facelifted over 2013?
The reason I ask is that the Aircon Controls are not as I expected, was expecting Dual ECC, as a standard based ona 2013 Antara Brochure, but,I can't accurately recall the layout, they looked more like a standard aircon set-up - three dials for ventilation, temp & fan speed.
Can anyone shed any light please. Apart from that the car looks like it has all the other SE Nav fixtures & fittings :)

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Hi and welcome,mine is a 2013 SE NAV but dosnt have the dual control ecc.
Depends when your Antara was made. Every year Vauxhall add something new for example dual zone AC and electric seat adjustment were added over the last couple of years.
Cheers guys,
I am happy with my choice, just a little confused over the standardoptions, purchase is a Mar 13 model, but not sure on the Model Year, maybe MY2012.
The brochure I was given was 2013 Edition 2, hence the confusion.

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