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Good car, poor dealer service

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Collected my Antara from the dealers this morning after they had it for 3 days,this was the 2nd attempt to fix my 2 warranty concerns, there 1st attempt which again took 3 days was a joke, they fitted a new door seal which was not needed, it only wanted the drivers door frame cover replacing(which was broken from day one). Which they did but of the 4 retaining screws only one was tightened correctly one had a 4mm gap one had a washer on it ( not standard) and another was loose. The dashboard noise that was evident to my children in the rear seats had been attempted to be repaired but within 300 yards of leaving the dealers after there 1st attempt I turned round and booked it in again. The 2nd visit I took a 'trained technician' with me who heard the noise and the manager acknowledged the poor repair on the door frame cover, so I had a Corsa for three days . I collected the car this morning drove 10 yards in there car park only to here the dreaded noise. I stopped went back in and pointed out that the noise was still very apparent, I was told to live with it until they had 'sought' permission from Vauxhall to remove the I.P.I was not happy, by the time I got home I had decided to tackle the problem myself, after 3 hours having removed the I.P lower panel, steering cowl, meter hood and assembly the noise was still there ! Then it became clear the I.P. was rubbing against the bottom of the front windscreen!! I packed it out with cardboard and bliss the noise has gone.
So I love the car again, the dealer useless, the warranty is only as good as the 'factory trained technician'. They had repaired the door frame cover properly at the 2nd attempt, but I have a good knowledge of cars but what about the many customers that don't?
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Good work johnno

I'm afraid your not alone I find nearly all dealers have problems finding and fixing faults.
i know how you feel mine has just come back from dealers to cure a bad knocking on osf wheel 2012 plate they replaced the shocker first time noise still there just been in again and they replaced tie rod end noise still there they can hear noise just cant fix it now got to take car back next tuesday and leave it with them for at least 2 to 3 days while i have a poxy small 1.0 corsa it sounds to me like the ball joint and feels and sounds like wheel gonna fall off so we will see if they sort it then
They just do not train mechanics the way they used to, all you see when you go to a dealerships is people wondering about ding bugger all, trading standard and other threats seem to work though
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re knocking, mine had knock appearing to come from offside front somewhere, turns out that some of the plastic clips and nuts holding on engine undertray had fallen out/worked their loose, 9or not been put back after service?) all replaced and knocking gone

Grumps said:
Good work johnno

I'm afraid your not alone I find nearly all dealers have problems finding and fixing faults.

If you think car dealers are bad, you should try caravan dealers. They make car dealers look like saints. I have never met such dis-organised poor performing bunch of individuals. Looking at caravan forums, it appears to be prevalent across the board. Their method of operation and customer service is 20 years behind the car industry.

You have to take your new caravan to the selling dealer to get any warranty work done, even if you have a nearer approved dealer around the corner. They say your warranty is held by the dealer not the manufacturer. The manufacturer won't supply a part to you, again, you have to buy it from the dealer. This means you have to take your caravan 50 miles each way to get a door handle ordered even if that is held on by two screws. You then have to take it back 50 miles each way to get it fitted by the selling dealer.

My van is in for it's first service an they phoned me up as the manufacturer said it wasn't registered correctly on their database. Even though they have the serial number that they agree shows it was built in June 2012. Still sorting that one out...

If you look on the caravan forums, it would put you off buying one. I would never buy a new one again. After I paid my deposit, the dealer's attitude changed completely and I was virtually ignored. My £18,500 then bought me; external body strips coming away, panel warping and not fitting, panels changing colour and no longer matching the rest of the caravan, lights letting in water, damaged sink, roof light sticking, bed sagging, catches not working. I class myself as a lucky one so far, not having my caravan body leaking and getting damp in the first year. Many people have... My problems are not uncommon on an new caravan by the looks of it. A lot of faults I have fixed myself due to the cost of fuel and time to travel 100 miles round trip to the selling dealer.

Compared to the caravan industry, I find car dealers quite refreshing. (well some of them

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