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Glove box

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I'm now into week 3 of being an Antara owner and I'm still as happy as I was on day 1.

Just a question on the Glove box I have noticed a filter in the roof of the box and also the words on/off but no switch or cover. Is this an old bit of kit that is not used on the new models or am I missing something?
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I've noticed the exact same thing on my 2012 SE. When I removed the glove box so I could replace the pollen filter I saw that this "filter" you refer to was in fact a piece of cotton wool like material that was stuck in place with tape. My last car had a cooled glove box which was basically a vent to allow air conditioning in and that was controlled by a on/off dial which opened and closed the vent. I assumed that this was similar and that it was broken/missing from my Antara and that someone had covered the resulting hole with this material. Having said that, when I dismantled the glove box there didn't appear to be any ducting etc to pipe air into the box via the "broken" vent. I'd be interested to know whether I have a broken vent or if like you suggest, it's a redundant piece of kit.
They all have that it was an air bent to keep the glove box cold but for some reason Vauxhall dropped it from the facelift models but they left he vent with no cover. On the older models it have a vent cover that rotates.

They did the same with the red lights in the doors you still have thr reflectors but no bulbs. The earlier models also had an auxiliary socket on the back of the centre consol/ arm rest for rear seat passengers. The rear passengers also lost the upholder in the centre arm rest.

All cost cutting measures
Hi Grumps,

My 2012 Diamond has the socket and cup holders in the back and I will check the door lights tomorrow.
I have a 2009 se model and all these extra's you say all work fine in my car
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