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Hello All
This is my first post on ANY forum and its a thirst for info that prompted me to do it. I've owned a new Antara Exclusive for about a month having migrated from a Galaxy. So many positives but also several moments of bemusement. Forum postings suggest that the cruise control wiring is installed in my car yet my dealer said it wasn't. This led to an expensive but effective 3rd party solution. Forum's also suggest that the BC function may be enabled by modifying some element of the car's management system but I also read contradictory posts, is there a definitive answer?
Now my main comment/question concerns the woeful information supplied in the cheaply made owners manual and infotainment guides. Navigating lists (Bluetooth attached phone addresses and long playlists on an iPOD) should be easier; is anyone aware of navigation tricks that allow the user to skip through the alphabet on the CD40?

If an answer is out there, it's likely known by users of this Club. Thank you

An FYI for forum managers, your registration process generates a server error when using Safari on the iPAD. Chrome works fine.
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