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fuel gauge

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I'm getting strange reads on my fuel gauge I can have half a tank then the next minute it will read a lot less. I wanted to check the fuel level sensor but can't seem to find it I've been told it's under the back seats
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Hi, Is your battery up to spec. My wife's Chrysler had a low reading in the morning before the battery got charged up. Probably only 1/4 tank difference and only in the morning.
Hi yeah battery is fine it doesn't do it all the time after reading some posts before someone says about a faulty wire could cause it
From reading on other forums, the Antara/Captiva fuel tank is like an inverted U with two tank sensors, one in each leg of the U. There has been problems reported on the Chevrolet Captiva forum of sensor problems causing the problem you describe. They are under the back seat.
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I had a similar problem with my previous car, a Volvo, and that turned out to be a faulty float sensor inside the fuel tank.
Also my gauge seems to be right at the bottom but on my screen it says I still got 70 miles left is that normal
When you get down to reserve a warning light comes on and it tells you how far you haveto go till you run out of fuel
The back seats tilt forward. Access to the retaining mechanisms is via the spare wheel compartment. The spare wheel/polystyrene thingy needs to be removed. There are 2 retainers on each seat which need to be pushed forward to release the seats.
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