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front shock absorbers leaking + oil leak from the

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Hi all.

Just had my car mot and service completed. Car age 3 years old, mileage 34,765.

Mot passed however on the service they found that both front shock absorbers needed replacing due to a leak plus they found a oil leak from the sump meaning that all the bonding material needed stripping, new material applying and a further 24hrs before oil could be re introduced. my car went in on Wednesday morning. I was told I would have it back by Saturday, however no phone call nothing. Finally got my car back today, Monday. Has this happened to anyone else on here having these faults???

The only saving grace was that I was 2 days within the 3 year part of my life time warranty and they repaired problems free of charge. However the price vauxhall charges sometimes makes me nervous about the future of my car.
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