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Fitting towbar electrics.

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Hi all,

Just reading the instructions for fitting the dedicated wiring looms and it says to remove the battery earth terminal, has anyone had any problems with any electronics etc when doing this or do the systems re-set themselves after re=connection of battery.
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All wil be fine just folow instructions i had no probs
Dave got mine to do Sunday got the wittier tow bar and rear electrics done last night took about an hour, just thinking which route to take to battery any ideas?
Hi Thegasman,

Looks like the best way is dropping the harness down from the top as close as possible to the bulkhead but I havnt been underneath yet to check whats below and then any where you can fix it to safely. Maybe someone who have done it can enlighten us further.
Hi again Gasman,

Just finished fitting towbar ( Bosal detachable) due to my bad back it took me about 2 hour and got the battery loom still to do.

Sussed out a route for this though, if you drop wire down as close to bulkhead behind battery as you
can get it and zip tie to anything fix and then zip tie to anything underneath like brake pipes etc , main problem is keeping away from moving parts like suspension, prop shaft rear wheel drive parts and the exhaust but it seems straight forward.
Dave I watched my tow bar fitter outside my house he got to electrics by removing one screw
From the bottom of the parcel pocket on the right hand side of boot
Any help
Diamond Dave said:
zip tie to anything underneath like brake pipes

NO !!!
Same goes for fuel pipes.
Plenty more areas but never these two.

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