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Faulty 2013 Antara

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I am looking fora bit of advice/ Support.

I have a 2013 plate Antara which I brought from derby. I have had lots of problems with this car starting with

* Gear linkage keeps popping out causing me to lose gears when driving (Had a new cable put on)

* Squeaking front passenger seat (Base Replaced)

* Uneven wear on front passenger tyre

* Water in diesel tank

* Failing parking brake (Needed adjustment after 8000 miles)

* Dodgy accelerator cable (Getting replaced)

My car is currently sat at Vauxhall tech centre Sheffield waiting for them to decide if there is anymore faults with it. I want my money back or an exchange as this car has currently had that many faults I have no trust in the car and we use it to tow a caravan.

Please can someone give me some advice on what to do next.

Many Thanks Michelle
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I will give my honest view and it is just that my view so please don't be offended if it's not what you want,
Gear linkage - I take it is now sorted, if not should be very simple to change the entire linkage assembly
Squeek in seat - base changed so sorted now, also yes a niggle but would not stand at all as any reason for rejection of a car
Uneven tyre wear - I see you have covered over 8000 miles, the Antara is a heavy car and will eat the edges of tyres, unless there is a defect in the suspension on both sides this would be put down to normal wear.
Water in the fuel tank - unless it has a hole in it allowing rain water in or you have had a freak condensation issue this can only come from poor standard of fuel, you could hardly hold Vauxhall to account on this case.
Failing parking brake - without the definition of failing its hard to say anything but I assume it just needed adjusting and is now done? You will find if you drive off all the time allowing the brake to release auto style and are a bit quick off the mark it will add wear, I think it mentions this in the handbook. This would be looked on as normal adjustments.
Accelerator - this should be addressed quickly as it could be a safety issue, I don't believe the Antara has a cable I think it is electronically controlled.

All in all you would really struggle to reject the car on this issues you have and you will need some hefty finances to do so, I would focus on getting these last few things sorted and hopefully all will be well, a legal fight will take months of your time and you would have to leave the car at the dealers so months with no car..

It's a poor situation to have faults for sure but you have to concider if the legal fight is worth it.
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Thanks for your reply.

Gear linkage- Yes fixed after 4th time

Seat- Yes replaced after 3rd time

Uneven tyre wear- Camber/ suspensionissue as tyres should last longer than 8000 miles. Tried to get fobbed off with numerousexcuses.

Water in fuel tank- Arguably nothingto do with poor fuel

Failing parking brake- failed to hold the car on a hill despite me putting handbrake on and pressing it twice. Not looked on as normal adjustments after 6000 miles.....

Accelerator- Still awaiting outcome.

I simply love the car but hate the faults. The car has been recovered by the aa oversix times, been in the garage 5 times Last two times has been in the garage over 4 weeks each time. I am not bothered about the cost of a legal case I paid for a car that should be "Fit for purpose" this car is clearly not.

I have been unable to use my caravan because of these problems. I have had days of work etc. Then they try and fob me off with a corsa for a hire car....

How would you feel if you relied on your car to get around in with your disabled child and constantly had to put up with these faults.... You wouldn't like it would you??
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We'll as I said at the start you asked for people's opinon and I gave it, I won't apologies for that.
I still don't fully share all your points and I can't connect how the car has had to be towed in so many times for the faults you describe, non appear enough to cause this, but I do share that any fault is not acceptable for sure, my reasoning was is it better and easier to apply energy to getting these issues resolved and having the car sorted or fighting to reject it.
I refuse to get into personal issues on a forum so me "liking" things or not I wont comment.

You look like you have decided to go for the fight so reject the car hand the keys to the dealer and get the ball rolling with a solicitor, remembering you will have to hire a car from then on or buy another.
had to be towed in due to the gear linkage that after the first time they were supposed to have fixed it... and the faulty handbrake.

When I have the problems with gear linkage I can not drive the car I am unable to select a gear so only option is to be towed in.

What do you want proof. I have plenty of that........

Why would I want to get the issues resolved rather than seeka rejection whenI let them fix issueson numerousoccasionsonly for them to re occur again. It is my time and money that is wasted not there's.

The car is already with dealers I am not stupid I know my rights and also have a family member who is a solicitor hence the reason why I am rejecting the vehicle as I have the means to fight this.
Good luck with the rejection, keep us all posted on how it goes.
Go onto face book put in vauxhall go onto post by others you will see Andrew porter read his plus put you complaints in the comments someone will contact you there is also car complaints bureau
Hi Michelle welcome to the forum.

Sorry to hear about the hassle you have had.

So the outstanding faults you have is the accelerator, Tyre wear and the handbrake am I right and you are waiting on Vauxhall getting back to you with a report.

The tyre wear is difficult and may only be due to low tyre pressure. I have wear on the outside of my tyres but I run them soft but saying that I did nearly 20k miles before they were needing replaced.

What is the issue with the accelerator?. Can you give us more details.

A few people have reported problems with the handbrake releasing but its not that common.

The water in the fuel is most likely coming from the pump its not uncommon for this to happen thats why the car has a fuel filter so your probably not going to get anywhere with Vauxhall with that one im afraid.

If Vauxhall have the car I would wait and see what they say.
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