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Fan coming on

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hi there, Im looking for a bit of advice before I go to vauxhall, I've been looking at forums due to my fan coming on after going a drive, I've a 2.2 turbo diesel 12 plate which I bought 6 weeks ago. When I turn the ignition on I cannot see a dpf light which people are mentioning, and it doesnt appear when my fans on. My minimum drive is 25 minutes which should be plenty of time to clean, if this is what is causing this. I phoned arnold clark who, didn't in so many words, but acknowledged there was some sort of fault and I was told to take it to local arnold clark ASAP. I ve seen a few people mention their cars go up in flames but I've been told its my insurance which would pick up the pieces if this happened but I don't see how vauxhall can relieve their responsibility. Can anyone shed any light on this? Thanks in advance
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I would imagine that your car has been attempting a regeneration during the drive and has only partially completed it.The fan will then come on, even after switching off and getting out of the car, to remove the excess temperature that it has been creating so as to burn off the soot within the DPF.
My car tried 3 times to do a regen last weekend but, the journeys we were doingwere 'urban' (Dunfermline to Dalgety Bay)so we never fully achieved it. Every time we stopped the fan roared into operation, sounding like a hovercraft, for about 30 seconds, after which it stops. We just left it as my wife's commute from Dunfermline to Stirling generally keeps the car happy with its regen process.
No DPF lights should be seen unless there is a problem, so don't worry about not having any indication on your dash.

You could always add a bottle of Wynns DPF Cleaner to your next tank of fuel to assist with the burn-off process. It's £9 from Halfrauds or cheaper on Ebay but, then you have a wait (plus postage/delivery etc).

There is a huge thread on DPF issues but, all modern diesels have them and no car is without some problem or other. If you are doing 'normal' driving and not just townie stuff you should be okay - After all, there seems to be a sh*t load of Antaras around these parts, so they must be doing something right!

Hope that helps.


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Hi thanks for the reply, the car is doing it nearly every time I stop, when I drive to work in the morning it's straight on to a 60mile limit for about 25 minutes so that should be plenty of time to finish. As far as im aware When the ignition is turned on all lights should be illuminated then they go off and only come on if there's a fault but I don't see the light icon there at all. There is no sluggishness and I don't think I'm using more fuel but don't have a trip comp to tell me, I'm just a bit worried and the noise is a bit embarrassing.
Hi Lyndsay welcome to the forum. As Lazurus said it sounds like the fan is running because a regen has been interupted therefore the fan stays running until the system is cool enough. As for the light, the DPF light is not really a fault light more of a warning, after so many regen attempts it will come on, when it does you have to do what is basically a manual regen. Take the car for a drive keeping the revs about 2000 to 2500 , its not the speed you are doing but the revs as the engine is working harder. So choose a gear to maintain the revs, it can last for about 20 mins sometimes sooner. Look for the signs it is doing a regen then you will know if it has completed. With reference to you driving for 25 mins , after a failed regen attempt the car may not try an auto regen straight away, if you should say, pull into your drive and the fan is still running then next time you drive it do a manual regen. In the 13 months I have had mine that is what I do and not once have I had the DPF light come on. By all means read through the forum on the DPF iassues but personnally I would get too hung up on the negatives as for me I dont see a problem except for the 1 or 2 people who have had pressure switch problems. Just enjoy the car.
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Thanks for the replies
ill try keep the revs up and see how I get on
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EDITED after spending too long typing (and the above was posted in the interim)
So in support of the above:

The 2013 Owner Manual states: "The filter is cleaned by periodically burning off the soot particles at high temperature. This process takes place automatically under set driving conditions and may take more than 15 minutes. Autostop is not available and fuel consumption may be higher during this period. The emission of smells and smoke during this process is normal. Under certain driving conditions, e.g. short distances, the system cannot clean itself automatically".
There is no set routine to these regen's, which is a right PITA, so I wonder if it is trying to take place towards the end of your 25 mile journey and thus not completing in time?

I would certainly trya bottle ofadditive to see if it helps. EDIT: As well as the above!!


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Hi Lyndsay0505 and welcome to the forum. Is your fan going mental, or just on standard ? If it's just normal then you could be your driving with the aircon on. If it's mental, then sounds like a regen.
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I have a MY13 and everytime I turn the car off the fan is roaring, doesn't matter if it's a doodle into town, fast 'A' road driving or driving down to Cornwall, air-con off, air-con on. I don't care, when I walk away I cannot hear it, if it bursts into flames then Vauxhall and my insurance company can fight it out between them. I wouldn't worry about it if there're no lights popping up on the dash.
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antara184 said:
I have a MY13 and everytime I turn the car off the fan is roaring, doesn't matter if it's a doodle into town, fast 'A' road driving or driving down to Cornwall, air-con off, air-con on. I don't care, when I walk away I cannot hear it, if it bursts into flames then Vauxhall and my insurance company can fight it out between them. I wouldn't worry about it if there're no lights popping up on the dash.
The fan doesn't stay on all the time. Your either hearing things or your hearing aid. Is playing up or maybe your Antaras faulty.
Hi guys sorry didn't realise there was more posts added, thanks for the replies . Been advised today by the dealership regen should be done every week to avoid any problems and because it doesn't automatically kick in again if interrupted, a manual regen needs to be done once driving again. Hopefully now mines been cleaned it'll be fine and I can enjoy my car. Grumps love the spoiler, might be on my Xmas list
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An essential question needs to be answered ; does an interrrupted regen restart when you restart the car? The last time I had to interrupt a regen, it started the cleaning process when I restarted the engine. If it does automatically restart the regn then we have nowt to worry about (unless there is a temperature sensor or other fault. On the other hand it may only restart the regen if their is still heat in the exhaust system, so if you left it to be stone cold it wouldn't restart. Agree with Doc - too many worries about DPF - makes me anxious! What's the highest mileage an Antara has done on the original exhaust?
In my understanding DPF regens happen automatically the only time you can do a forced regen is when DPF light comes on Interupted regens may not automatically start to regen the next time you drive the car
hello im new here and this alarmed me too. my fan was going like crazy after I completed a motorway run purposely keeping the revs between 2 and 2.5k. had anyone had this? no lights by the way.

love this car!
A regen is programmed to happen every 500 miles or so. When it is in progress the fuel consumption soars to painful levels, you often smell burning as the DPF is being cleaned by high temperature, the instant fuel consumption (if you have the feature) doesn't show '999.99' mpg when you take your foot off the throttle (when in motion downhill) and the auto start/stop doesn't work. When these are all functional there is no regen in progress. The fan will run on when you turn the engine off without completing the process. It will also run on if the engine is hot, as it is supposed to. Remember as well that if you have had a long drive, let the engine idle for a minute or two to let the turbo recover before turning off the ignition. Certain brands of diesel burn cleaner in the combustion chamber and emit less junk than others; it is generally a case of "you get what you pay for".
Only time i used to do a regen was when the stop/start stopped working,

Best to drive 4th gear keep it over 2000rpm for 10 miles,

I only had the DPF light come on once :)

The fan comes on when you get home, to say " hey i started a regen, Why you stop for" :) :)

I also only use Premium fuel from shell,

Wouldnt it be nice if a light came on to tell you to regen :)
My car is doing the exact same thing. 5/6 mile drive and the fan was going bats**t when I stopped the engine.
Hi In my opinion a 5/6 mile drive isn't far for a diesel. I have just pulled up today and my fan was running, my wife says it sounds like a jet engine. Having just completed a long caravan journey I would be really surprised if my DPF is blocked. The easiest way to check is if the start / stop is still working as this is disabled during a regen. I don't understand why an engine needs to be run over 2000rpm even though the manual does state this, to complete a regen the exhaust needs to be up around the 400c plus temp, my 2.2 cdti produces excellent torque from around 1500rpm plus which will elevate the exhaust temperature. I have retired now but used to own an xf 3.0 diesel which travelled 20 miles to work and back every day on the motorway revs were never over 1500rpm and I never had a dpf issue. I would not even be aware of the car doing a regen. In my opinion don't get hung up on the fan running. Just monitor the start stop system, if it stops when start stop activates you have nothing to worry about.
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It’s the air con pressure sensor..nothing to do with dpf
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