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External Plastic Trim Replace/Replacement

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Well it finally happened! Caught the plastic trim and put a scratch on it.

How hard are they to replace, it's the one that goes over the rear wheel.

I'm assuming that they just unscrew somehow?

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Hard to see from the picture how bad it is.

You could try and hide it a bit. In the past if I have removed scratches using a hot air gun used for pain stripping or using a mini flammer like the ones chiefs or model makers use.

If you gently heat the area it can disappear but just watch and not burn it.

I have seen trim for sale on eBay in the past.
I noticed a scratch on the front plastic bumper of my wife's mokka when we picked it up. They got a bloke in the next week to sort it, so they can be repaired.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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