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Exclusive Wheel Touch Up

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I am still struggling to find a touch up paint for the Antara Exclusive wheels, dealers don't do them and I see some on fleebay, has anybody bought and used one that's a good colour match ? The chips are building up...
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Halfords do a alloy touch up paint, it's a near match, I bet the chips are on the off side wheels? I have the same problem, in my opinion the Antara alloys are of poor quality especially when you consider how much the vehicle cost!!!!!!!!!!
Yes your spot on, off side wheels seem to pick up damage every time I'm out, the front especially so I have no idea how. The faces of the spokes seem ok it's the side edges that get peppered.
Silver is a difficult colour to match...
Mine go green, no scuff marks though even with being a women driver
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Hey, might be too late now for advice since you posted this a month ago lol but anyway maybe it will be useful for someone...
on ebay there is antara alloy repair kit for 11.40 pounds. I have used similar one on my corsa limited edition, works like a charm.

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