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excess condensation

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since day one, problems with excess condensation on inside front and side windows, takes ages to clear, only myself breathing in car too. Turned to thick frost in winter, nightmare, ended using deicer to clear insides. Vauxhall garage say there was no fault detected. Why is this happening, i wonder if the front screen needs sealed properly, felt damp area on material just above passenger side front screen, how could the vauxhall garage not detect a cause/fault, they were unhelpful to say the least. NOT looking forward to another winter of this with a new car
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Hi pgm,I have had my car 14.5 months and occasionally get some condensation on the inside of the front screen, but nothing like you describe. If there is condensation as yousay then logic dictates that the moisture is coming from some where, I would photograph and go back to dealer, vx customer car are not much help in my experience. Good luck
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Hi Dave47

Thanks for your reply and advice, will take photograph, and back to dealer
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Hi pgm,You might also look at 'Steamy windows' for some advice regarding aircon settings etc.
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