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Error Code P02E1

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Has anyone who has the 2 litre diesel ever had the ECU fault code P02E1. The error description is Diesel Air Intake Performance. Vauxhall are unable to diagnose what is wrong. They wanted me to pay for a DPF filter just to see if it was that. Searching google for other cars this seems to be related to either the EGR valve or the Thottle Body. Before anyone suggests it it's not the Air Flow Mass Meter. Vauxhall already tried a new one.Edited by: Timbo
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Quick Google search says po21e isCylinder 11 Injection Timing?Edited by: ganda
Hi ganda.

Thanks for the reply. It's only 4 cylinder engine so it won't be cylinder 11.
Just realised I posted the wrong code. I should have typed PO2E1.Edited by: Timbo
You may want to have a look at this thread, Captiva is the sister car of the Antara. It seems to point at theexhaust gas recirculation(EGR)

This bit was interesting:

"Looks like the EGR valve on the Captiva is a common problem. The garage has told me they cant get one for over a week. Chevvy says they are supplying around 60 of these a week."
Hi ganda.

Yes I have seen that. I told Vauxhall I thought it was the EGR valve but they said no it wasn't, but they were unable to tell me what it is. I have ordered an EGR valve today with gaskets and vacuum hoses.
Hi Timbo You could have tried cleaning the EGR valve before buying one. In most cases they only need a clean but garages like to replace them just for the sake of it.
I had a problem with the EGR in my 55 plate Rover 75 - bought a EGR bypass valve - had no further issues
Fitted the new EGR Valve and it made no difference. Managed to locate the MAP Sensor. I took it out and it was all gummed up with thick black greasy sludge. I cleaned it with paraffin and a stiff brush and hey presto all is good again <img src="" align="middle" /> Be careful if you tackle this yourself the sensor is quite delicate it has a black bulb in the centre you must not damage.Edited by: Timbo
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