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Eonon double DIN head units

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I am looking to replace the std Antara Head unit with an after-market unit. i have limited funds and have heard good things of the Eonon units that are a direct swap out, designed to fit the exact shape of the standard unit with all leads etc. The only issue is the US site means i will get hit with import tax , the uk site seems to have sold out of the main units i am interested in :

D5123, D5121 etc but despite sending messages direct from website link and their email address and phoning their contact tel no (which rings and cuts off with no message) i have been unable to get any response!!

Does anyone have any experience of Eonon as a company ?
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I've ordered one head unit GM5154T from their main website ( I've just received it today, can't tell you how good it is but I can confirm that custom tax and VAT was added by FEDEX (I'm living in Hungary). They indicated a lower price on the bill, so end of the day I just had to pay ~80USD extra. I've approched them via email, was no issue, they replied almost immediately. I read somewhere that their UK store is closed or will be closed so better to forget it.
Thats interesting and might explain why they are not answering!!... Looks like the .com site then, although i am very anti paying import tax. They wont mark as gift either.I would be interested to hear your views on the GM5154, there are quite a few similar models, not sure what the real difference is between them.

For me the unit was marked as gift. Customs fee can't be avoided (however I'm not familiar w/ UK customs rules) since they are sending the item with either FEDEX or DHL and they automatically hand it over to customs above certain price level.The GM series are similar to D series except that GM is capable for Miracast (screen mirroring, you can share your compatible mobile phone screen with the head unit) and NFC. There is no real price diff so I strongly recommend the GM one.
Check this webpage, it tells you the features:

PS: time to time they are running group sales (I got ~12EUR discount) but as of today it's seems it's over. Check this page:
(top right side)
Its pretty similar to the one I fitted, absolutely no probs with it and easy to fit. Sat nav is via sd card, it takes another sd card for music/ films/ photos, didital freeview tv !!!......I also have my ipod fitted to it and when you blue tooth your phone, not only can you make calls but play music from your phone. It also allows full BC access
I have spoken to the US site and it seems the UK site is closing , all of their stock are now showing out of stock! shame as the import tax is making this far more expensive :(I have seen another UK based unit here:
anyone any experience of this unit?
the eonon gm 5154 is a mare to fit, you will need a new cage as it will not fit the original one fitted, the unit wont sit flush in the dash as the factory units have a bevale in the center, the eonon dose not, I have one and ended up removing it , you will loose the radio station name on gid screen, steering wheel controls are very sensitive once you set them up, the radio is not all that good, I found the cd30/mp3 had better reception, you will also probably have to fit a signal booster to the unit as I say its reception is not all that good
Great , if this is the one you fitted can you tell me anything about it.
Do you know the actual make/model?
Was it easy to fit into the existing cars cage?
How do you find the radio reception?
How good is the Sat Nav and does it have speed warnings and cameras etc?

Any pics would be great of it installed.

Did you buy yours from the same seller in UK and what did you pay?

Many thanks in advance

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I know there are some posts re: import tax when the Eonon headunits were purchased. But does anybody know if this still applies if you purchase a headunit off e-bay??
anything purchased outside of the uk 0ver £15 in value, is subject to import vat by uk border agency,
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