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Here all,

Newbie here.

So we picked up our 2013 Antara from the dealer today only for the engine coolant light and engine to over heat 10 miles down the road. It went in to limp mode and we took it back.

The dealer has been great and very apologetic as you’d imagine. They have diagnosed a stick thermostat.

Obviously, we now have concerns about the car that we have just purchased. We know that there is a certain period of time to cancel our purchase.

Has anyone had this problem and resolved it?
We’re there any lasting effects?
Is it likely to go again?
Should I be asking them for anything else such as a coolant flush or to check for oil and water anywhere?

We have a 6month warranty form the dealer but I’m thinking long term.

I have searched the forums so forgive me if there is an answer out there.

Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Mike

I'm guessing you might be worrying unnecessarily.

If the engine didn't loose any fluid, i.e. got hot but then cooled naturally and didn't actually boil up I would think you don't have a lot to worry about. Regarding the fluid, if the collant bottle is clean with antifreeze then that should be ok and may not need a flush, obviously will need topping up with fresh antifreeze when the thermostat is replaced.

Your problem might be refilling the system, Antara radiators have a vent plug on the top right hand side corner when viewed from behind. its important this is removed when refilling to remove the trapped air in the radiator. You may also need to keep an eye on the coolant bottle for a couple of weeks as gradually any trapped air in the rest of the system may dissipate and the level will need topping up.

Replacing a thermostat is not the end of the world. A good tip if it does fail closed is to open the windows and put the heat/blower on full, probably on the screen, this helps remove the heat from the engine until it can be repaired. Richy
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