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Engine performance

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I currently own a 2009 vauxhall Antara SE. ( diesel/automatic).
The problem I seem to have is engine performance. As I drive you get a split second feeling that you have
Pressed the brake( but I haven't ) and then the car is slow to react to pressing the accelerator pedel ( hence loss in performance. This problem goes away once engine is switched off then might appear another couple weeks down the line.

Any ideas
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Welcome to the forum.

Sounds like some kind of sensor error. Have you had any warning lights at all.

If not you need to get it connected up to check for error codes. Either take it to a garage or try yourself by buying a code reader. You can either get something called opcom. Or if you have an Andriod phone or tablet you can pickup an OBD2 reader. Their are a few other ways but they are the most common.

Saying that if you don't get a warning light you might not get a code.

If you get a code at least it gives you somewhere to start looking for the problem.
Is this pause related to when the transmission is changing gear?

I seem to remember reading a while back that a pause when changing gear was a symptom of potentially more serious problems with the box.

I don't remember all the details, but low transmission fluid, the torque converter and clutches were mentioned as possible causes of the brief pauses.

I'm not saying that is what your problem, but I would definitely say you should always get transmission problems check at the earliest opportunity. If they go baddly wrong, you might have to spend a fortune getting it fixed.
Sounds like a high pressure fuel pump fault very common
On higher mileage veichles
I have a 12 plate 2.2 diesel manual with a similar niggle which is more noticible when towing our caravan. Certain times it is gutless then there are times when it tow's like a train ??I've been told it may be a sticky "Egr" valve, going for service soon will be having a word withservice dept !!
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