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Engine Management light

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I have a Feb 08 Antara Diesel. The engine management light, indication problems with emmissions has been coming on about every 5/6 months from when the car was in warranty. A new computer has been fitted and other components which has been costing me £250/300 every time and I am fed up with it. It has just come on again and due to go to the dealership on Friday. I suspect that they are looking too deeply into the problem and it may be just an electrical fault. Anybody any ideas ????
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What sensors have they replaced so far?.

The most common ones are the mass air flow sensor found between the air cleaner box and the engine. or the oxygen/lambda sensor found on the manifold/exhaust pipe.

Do you know what error codes the garage are getting.
I have got a 13 plate Antara and I am fed up with the same problem. Its been in and out of the dealers 3 times and its happened again today (light on and loss of power). I drive up and down the M1 nearly every day and i am getting really p----- off I WANT A REPLACEMENT but all i am getting is excuse after excuse. Is anyone getting any joy from Vauxhall?
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I strongly suggest that both of you have a chat with trading standards, they may well not be able to do anything, but they will arm you with the correct info you need.

I certainly wouldn't be spending £200 - £350 every time they replaced the ECU, the first one they fitted should be under warranty regardless of whether the car is in warranty or not. I also would not be paying them to fit parts willy nilly because they have no idea what is wrong in the first place!

Just because it is a car, doesn't mean your statutory rights are affected, which basically means if the car isn't fit for purpose then they should replace it.

Unfortunately Vauxhall are expert on excuses, not so on actually fixing something or customer care. These days if the computer doesn't tell them what is wrong, they are completely foxed.

"They all do that mate" "Never heard of that before" "They discontinued that mate" "it's supposed to be like that"

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