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Engine management light on?

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I have just been towing a caravan with my 62 plate Antara and twice during the journey a yellow light came on showing an engine management symbol with a downward arrow on it and a noticable loss of power, this lasted for approx 3 mins then normal service was resumed both times it occured when going down hill. I have left my manual at home so don't know what this symbol means can any one help? Car is working perfectly otherwise.
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Not sure what it is but mine did that same coming down a steep hill into Whitby with loss of power then back up the other side which isn't good,it happened near the site so I got there ok and when I turned the engine off and back on the light had gone off and been ok since,very strange,think this has been mentioned before somewhere on here.
I have had this twice as well and also going down hill as soon as I took my foot of the gas and was coasting down hill this engine light and another came on, they cleared both times after a minute or 2. Had the diagnostics read and it couldn't be traced to a fault. I swear it was some kind of calibration of sensors by the cars computer..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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