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engine failure on brand new antara

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I thought I would post this first in here, just to let folks know that as we set of on our holiday (catching ferry at dover) our brand new Antara with only 500 miles on clock decided to blow its engine to mars and back....yes!! WTF.. Head Mechanic said catastrophic engine failure.. once we were towed home from Newcastle... via a breakdown truck to local Vauxhall dealer with four adults and 9 month grandchild!
anyway I am here now & family on holiday, only thanks to the General manger and team at Glenrothes Arnold Clark, they were quick to find us a suitable jeep of the forecourt tax it and filled it up to the brim with fuel, paid our ferry cost of changing times etc. Top stuff from dealer (we felt there was no point going in all guns blazing it wasn't their fault) we are now on holiday. So there you are, unsure what is going to happen when we get back and we are not so sure if we want the same jeep back, feel that am paying for a new jeep with a recon engine, what is other Antarians feel we should do, say no, want new car?
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Reject it as not fit for purpose and get a replacement or better still get a refund and buy another vehicle.

Don't be put off by Vauxhall Customer Don't Care Services....They will probably try and blame you for it, they usually blame the customer
I'd take nothing less than a new car, possibly with a few extras thrown in also as a gesture of goodwill!
Yip not good enough I would want a new Antara.

Good service from Arnold Clark for a change. They seem to be pretty good in Glenrothes. Just a pity they are not the main dealer for the area.
I had a new car that blew the engine but it was caused by a faulty oil cooler pipe. They fitted a new engine and everything was fine and wasn't bothered as it was a company car.
I sympathize with you but don't know how the legality would work on replacement car or just replace engine. With such a short time of ownership, I would definitely push for a new car. Until then I hope you enjoy your holiday.
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Good to hear that Glenrothes have give you decent service. I drove my Antara away from their showroom with them having neglected to even look at the outstanding faults in the week and a half between me taking it for a test drive and pointing out all the flashing lights on the dash and then going in to pick it up!

Give them their due, when I got in the car and said "why are all those lights still flashing?" they jamp into the service department, got the car checked out, determined that it's all because of faulty wheel speed sensor and promised that they'll get it all sorted out, I just need to phone them when I get back from my hols and theyll arrange to get it in and fixed.

Haven't discussed compensation yet (was in too much of a hurry to push too much at the back of twelve when I'm trying to get sorted to drive to South Wales from Fife) but I will be asking about it when it goes in to get fixed (or maybe when I pick it up to be on the safe side

On topic, I would push for Vx giving you you a new one with either a higher spec or some extra toys, though I would consider dealer fitted toys for speed considering the wait time people seem to have!
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I would want brand new car after that, and would not settle for less.

I am sorry to hear that you had problems with your new motor.

If I were you I wouldn't wait for VX to make a decision re. your car.
I would email the general manager at Arnold Clark who helped you out and put your thoughts and concerns in writing.

I would be inclined to thank him for all of his assistance so far and generally keep him on your side.

1. You obviously DO NOT want the same engine back in re-conditioned
You bought a new car and not one with a reconditioned engine.

2. You have to decide if you still want an Antara.
If this is the case then spell it out to the G-M that you expect a new replacement.

3. If you want a refund then stick to your guns.

Be aware that there are a lot of 2012 models about that some dealers are pushing as 2013.
You can easily check this from the Radio / CD ....... 2012 has a CD30 MP3 whilst 2013 has a CD40.
Also you can check the year of manufacture from the VIN number.
( there are sites that allow you to type in the VIN and they will tell you the year of manufacture )

Do not be bullied by Vauxhall.

I hope you get this resolved to your satisfaction.

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thanks for all comments left, yea, we feel the same regards to "no longer wanting this 'new car' with recon engine back, how easy it will be to get new car out of Vauxhall remains to be seen, I have only owned the car for 10 days before this happened. I feel slightly helpless being away on holiday but eager to find out what caused the engine to fail, hope they tell me the truth, the dealer seems to be on our side before we left the dealer manager was on the phone to Vauxhall uk but they seemed then a bit uninterested.
Take a look here - this may helpclick here
This should not happen to a new car. Enjoy the rest of your holiday and see what vx propose to you. I would be wanting a brand new top spec antara and a free holiday for all the stress and hardship that you and your family had to go through. Whatever you decide to do stick to your guns. At least the dealer has been helpfull unlike most other Arnold Clark branches.
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hi I am on holiday at present but if I were you I would demand a new car we had this problem with a terrano many years ago lol and the car was never the same we traded it in not long after you say they gave you another jeep what year is it and is it the same as the one that is not fit for the purpose(you are within your legal rights to reject that car that the engine went) do not feel obligation to the dealer or VX stand firm on any desion you make and get compansation for you upset and stress this has caused you and your lovely family(this has spoiled your holidaydue to it being in you and your familys thoughts)good luckxxxx
Thanks all, well back from holiday and vx had sent a brand new engine inc turbo for our antara whilst we were on hol, so car was ready for us on our return.
Now the reason for the engine failure was a drop valve and then whilst it was enbedding its self into the piston the conrod bent hence complete sieze !!!

Vx customer services has offered wait for it ......." as a gesture of goodwill, we will extend your road assitance for another year"....i kept very calm and said that that gesture was totally unacceptable..i have no confidence in your product and you (vx) are offering me futher road side assistance...why do i need it for fuhter breakdowns and engine siezures?????

So lets see what other laughable gesture they are going to offer us..keep you posted.

Oh and by the way i have been told that another Antara has done the same down south, Told by my do we have a problem here Mr VX..??
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