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Engine Burnt out

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I am new to the forum and found it by accident as I was surfing the net in locating similar problem. Last week we went on our holiday break in Pafos, Cyprus. On day two we took a drive that was never completed as the engine of our Antara got burnt out. Initially we saw some smoke coming out of the bonnet and seconds later a driver coming from the opposite side did everything to get us stop and get out of the car as he saw fire beneath the engine. Luckily we got out of the car fast as the was an immediate turning and before we knew it the engine was on fire and totally destroyed.

Our Antara was just 3 years old never missed a service. It was a shock and things could have been worse as the fire department told us because the doors could have been locked making it hard to get out.

We have taken the car back to the Opel dealer and we are waiting for them to call back. We are also waiting the report from the fire department so that we know what exactly may have caused the fire.

The car is insured but we are awaiting Opel's reaction before taking any action.

Last year we had an issue with the fuel pump that was supposedly fixed so we are wondering on this too in case it was not fixed properly.

Did anybody else face same problem and what was the outcome?

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Welcome to the forums. Just wish it could have been in better circumstances.
That must have been a frightening experience. Glad you got out OK.

Someoneelse on this forum had a similar experience a few months ago.

Hope this is not a trend.
Oh dear, I said the same thing about a trend in the other thread...

This is a shocking incident though, which could have been fatal. Perhaps VOSA and the EU's RAPEX will eventually provide us with some information if VX/GM get around to performing an investigation?

Welcome, glad you ok.

Keep us informed of the outcome please if you wouldn't mind.
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