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Emisions warning light

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Had this issue before, but it went away of its own accord with no action taken by myself or the local garage.

Has now appeared about 3 days ago and after restarting the engine, no limp mode, but still have the amber engine sign up on the dashboard. This morning it was hooked up to a diagnostic kit and showed no stored error messages and I am stumped.

Reader was factory's and not a bought e-bay variety and the garage is stumped as to what has driven the issue ( this is a trusted garage who have serviced the Antara and my previous Jag for the last 10 years, so I have no reason to doubt their findings)

They have searched for issues on Vauxhalls and earlier astra's and vitara's used to suffer for the emisions light always being on.

Any advice from members would be appreciated, as I am expecting the light to disapear after the ECU see's enough clean starts to disable the warning. Would like to cure the route cause of the issue, as emisions testing the car has proven that they would be well below the max level and would not fail its MOT (due in June)

Thanks in advance
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Hi if I was you I would take it to another garage, just for piece of mind.I understand that you trust your local garage, but I had a problem with mine when the warning lights came on the RAC came out put there diagnostic kit on to my car and could not clear the fault. So I took it into my garage where he put his diagnostic kit all faults showed up and he was able to clear them. I,m not saying this is the same fault but its worth a try depanding on the garage is how much they charge, the price does seem to be diffrent at garagesfor diagnostic report.
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