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ECU upgrade ???

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Hi all,Skodaman wrote elsewhere.

Quote "I have been told that Vauxhall have got a upgraded ECU for the Antara which improves MPG but I cannot find out any more about it." Quote

Intrigued by this I fired off an email to my friendly dealer, yes they do exist! on Sat teatime. His reply this morning is as follows,

"with regard to your query on the above, i haven't read anything inour bulletins, however i will speak with Dave (service mgr) and get
back to you asap."

I await with interest and will keep you informed.
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hi don't no about vauxhall doing a ecu upgrade but my antara is a 2009 2lt diesel I was'nt inpressed with the fuel consumption, so i found a garage that done remapping of the ecu what a differance this made getting a extra 6miles to the gallon and more torque it went from 150 bhp to 180 bhp alot more smoother drive
I have also had remap done on my 2008 2.0L Diesel. The programme used was developed by Celtic Tuning and the performance improvement is outstanding with good increase in power output (now 180) and exceptional torque. The fuel consumption has also improved by on average 6mpg. I had this remap done more than a year ago and would definitely recommend it.
Hi Brianyamaha, How much was the remap and how long did it take to do? i am getting poor mpg out of my 09 reg manual and i am thinking of going down the remap route.
Hi Pete it cost me £199.00you've got a choice of 3settingsif you want full power /economic and torque or you can have economic with reduced torque I went for the middle one it took about a hour to do.I went to Midlands remapping in wolverhampton its just off M54 J1 they did it while I waited nice people got a waiting room and free tea
Thanks for that, i have been thinking about it for a while now and it seems the way forward to be honest.
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I'm seriously considering a Superchips remap (or Bluefin) for my Dec 2012 Antara 163ps AWD Auto via my local Superchips agent Prima Racing at New Basford, Notts.(Cost £320).If I go down the Bluefin route can anyone tell me where the Onboard Diagnostic Port is on the Antara (assuming there is one!!)as this is where you plug the Bluefin in to install the ECU remap (and also to remove it if needed).
Hi Dave 7 I do not live far away "Mansfield" i was thinking of a tuning box but have been put off by an article that i found and posted on here.see photos for obde port on lhd models

Please tell me how you get on do they do BOGOF ? Ha Ha
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Hi Lawrence,
Very many thanks for pics of l/h drive model clearly showing diagnostic port - I went out to my car, opened the driver's door and there it was - staring me in the face - just below the bonnet release handle.
I'm in touch with Prima Racing the Superchips agent trying to finally decide on a remap or Bluefin although the software upgrade is claimed to be identical - I think I would somehow feel more confident if the garage did the upgrade rather than me fiddling about with a cd in my computer, downloading the correct blurb and then trying to reprogramme the car's ecu. Will let you know the final outcome
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