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Eco Gear Shift Indicator

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Hoping someone might have answer to this one!

On the corsa I have just been driving it was a green up arrow with shift on the dash. My Antara has the outline of the light on the dash but it has never lit up since I got the car. Whilst getting repaired I asked the VX dealer if they cold have a look at it and the response that came back was some Antara's have it, some don't!! Not really the answer I was hoping for!!

To be honest I am not bothered either way, but was jut wondering should I have one or not?
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Nope it doesn't work. Or at least it doesn't on my 2012 Antara but its something that might on the new ones.

To be honest I have it on our new diesel corsa and its a pain so I'm glad it doesn't work.
It isn't on my 2012 auto either, but it has the gear numbers on the dash when in manual...
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