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DVD Navi100

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Hi Folks,I'm now the happy owner of a 2008 Antara SE nav. Jus one thing though: The handbook says that I mustn't put DVD discs in the head unit, so why is it called a DVD100 ?
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Hi Donnie welcome to the forum, in answer to your question as far as I know it is because you need a disc for the maps.
Thanks for that, I'm getting too old for this technology!
Hi Donnie, welcome to the forum, the DVD is misleading kinda, you have the 2 slots, top one is just for the MAPs for the sat nav, the bottom slot on the head unit is for your 6 disc changer. It's a great car, I'm still making excuses just to go out for a cruise in mine and still getting used the the gadgets the SE came with :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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