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dtuk plug in chip??

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ive owned my antara 2.2cdti from new (4/13) and have only managed to get 43mpg on mway. anyone tried a diesel plug in chip thingy? ive been told dtuk do a chip. anyone got one? does it make a difference?
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Have a look in the technical section under engine and drive train you will probably get some answers there.
43mpg!!! If your getting that you are doing well in fact if your getting 34mpg your doing well.

Myself and a few others have a racechip box fitted which does make a difference but more so to the performance.
racechip box. where are they from? what kind of money are they? how much more performance do they offer?
on the 43mpg bit...tbh the only reason i get that is because ive taken to making sure my trucks empty of any excess caggage and i sit behind wagons on the mway. if i drive at 70+ i get horrendous mpg. funny thing is ive got a bmw z4 3.0si that gets better mpg than my antara when driven at normal speeds on mway. crazy!!
The racechips are german made. Do a forum search and you will find out all you need to know.
I've had my racechip for about 4 months and very happy with it. Drivability is much better and engine runs much smoother. Just returned from a 660 mile trip. Antara loaded up. 2 adults,2 teenagers and 4 cases. Returned 40.5 mpg which I'm delighted with.
cheers guys.
ill check them out n let you know how i get on.
40.5 mpgs pretty good going f a full truck griffin.
I have a dtuk box fitted to a 2.0cdti, awesome bit of kit, easy to use, great service from the company, nice performance increase. It's only been on 2 weeks so yet to see any massive gains in mpg, but it is certainly no worse
thanks C7GEL
let us know how you get on with it.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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