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Went to my dentist yesterday to have an abcessed back tooth extracted -OUCH No.1 ! Came out of the dentists and saw that some kind person had put a dent/crease in the front o/s wing of my immaculate Antara -OUCH No. 2 ! Got on the 'phone to Dentmaster when I returned home and today a nice man came out and 'fixed it' good as new - £45. All in all an expensive tooth but soon back to 'normal' Well, it would be except for the fact that I'm booked in at Pentagon Vauxhall tomorrow for the Dashboard Speaker Grille - in common with, it seems, several other Antaras, it's sticking up at the front nearest the windscreen and won't go down (weak clips?)SO - that's the spare wheel sorted, the rattling glove box, centre cubby & both front door panel rattles sorted, noisy boot lid sorted - I wonder what will be next - still, you know what they say "Just teething troubles"!!??
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Sounds about the norm these days for kind considerate drivers we have on the roads. Glad it was fixable without too much drama.

Hope the tooth gets better as well.
Hi Dave7 let us know how you get on with the Dashboard Speaker Grille.
I've had "yep we know about that I'll order a new one as is got stronger clips" to "it's not the part at fault but you might need a whole new dashboard"
That one baffled me a bit as if you look at it it's a spearate part it sits in. It covers the air vents and looks like it has nothing to do with the dash at all
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Hi 2Dogs - Took my Antara in to dealer today and after attempting to make the 'dashboard speaker grille' fit properly without success they've decided to order me a new one (hopefully the modified one with better fixing clips) and I'm booked in again next Thursday for the new one to be fitted. Will let you all know how I get on!
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Keep us posted on the speaker grill, I have had 2 failed attempts and the replacement grills have all been the same with no sign of any modifications (I had a look at the new and old parts)

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I was rather hoping that 2 Dogs was right that the replacement dashboard speaker grille would be a modified one - anyway, will wait and see what next Thursday brings at Pentagon Vauxhall Mansfield if and when the new grille is fitted
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