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door sills

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Is it only me or does anyone else bang their right calf on the stupidly sharp door sill when entering or leaving the car, my leg was black & blue the first week, and now even though I consciously have to think about it I still knock my leg, my son who is 6'2" also does it. I complained to Vauxhall - ha that was a waste of time. Also fed up to back teeth with the diesel particulate filter, which I wasnt told about until I was driving out of the showroom! Tried to clear it on the M11 the other week but couldnt get up to 60 for about 10 miles because of traffic. So much for saving the planet. Will never buy another Vauxhall.
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I cant say its been a problem or heard anyone complain about that one
but welcome to the forum anyway.
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Have not had problems with that one and I have to get help getting my right leg in and out plus my two boys are over 6 foot and husband is 5foot 11 inch my daughter is a short ass like me. But high anyway
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