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difficulty fitting cruise control

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Hi, I have a 2013 antara diamond 2wd and have purchased the cruise control stalk,but I cant get the steering top cover off. There is only 1 screw underneath and that does not appear to hold the top cover on. I think its "clipped" together,but I don't want to break it,just in case its not.anyone had the same problem?
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You need to turn the steering wheel to 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock. This will reveal 2 hidden screws on the steering wheel binnacle
Many thanks
let us all know how you get on, especially if it needs coding or works straight away. Looking to do the same myself and people with older cars say no coding but have heard that the 2013 are different.

The cruise stalk will work without any coding. Just plug and play. I fitted it to my 2013 model so it will work.
Hi chrisg. Can you give details of where you purchased the CC stalk from, code, cost etc. Have looked into this in the past but was unclear.Cheers.
I have followed the cruise control threads on these forums and found this one the must helpful. I have an exclusive 2wd 2011 build model on a 2012 plate and was unsure if I could get away with a plug and play control stalk. Went with Chrisg's link above sent reg and chassis No. less than a week on and 10 mins effort I have cruise,only bit I had a problem with was getting the connector block apart, next is BC
So is it safe for me to say that on a 2013 Exclusiv FWD I can plug the new stalk in and there is no programming involved
Yes I have a 2013 Fwd exclusive and fit CC 2 weeks ago works perfect
Those who have fitted the cc don't seem to have had any problems, welcome to the forum.
Hi all would this work on a 65 plate antara .thks pete
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