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diesel partical filters

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these filters are a dam problem but don't get them removed because in February they are going to be part of the mot test every time I stopped today my cooling fan cut in that's 5 times I will not buy another vehicle with dpf been driving for 50 years shoguns jags mercs but never had anything like this before
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Welcome to the forum southendonsea,

Due to our European friends all diesel engines have to be fitted with a DPF. Itsnot the DPF thats at fault but the system used for cleaning it out, if you search on the forum you will find various posts on this and ways of controlling it.
yeah but most places to remove will remve dpf cut open at top remove insides weld back up and put back on so to look at its still there so will pass mot
It seems strange that if the DPF is removed the emissions will still pass an mot. In this day and age when cars are made to have zero road tax based on emissions it's only a matter of time before that becomes part of the mot test rather than a general level which most cars can pass with cars will need to pass with the level that it was manufactured to have and the road tax that the car is taxed by.
Another of the plans being muted about is for the garages to be able to connect generic Scanner to check original mapping and dpf readings. This would check the Dpf is working. This would not result in dismantling type work and seems to be gaining favour in the garage world. Also for MOT stations to be seperate entities from garages same as system in Northern Ireland, so already in place in part of UK.
A useful website for staying current on proposed changes
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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