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Diesel Filter warning light

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The wet fuel warning light came on,and I need to drain the fuel filter, 157 in the manual.
There is a nice clear diagram but I can't find the wretched thing under the bonnet.... Anyone got any ideas?
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I would also like to know where it is! I can't find it either
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Update...... Drove it 30 odd miles today and the light went off by itself ... Panic over
The 'drain water from diesel fuel filter' light came on last weekend. Like you say, the picture in the owner's manual looks clear enough. But I've been under the car, under the bonnet and under the engine cover and I can't find it! Got the wife to take it to Fisken's in Forfar. An hour later they said there's no water in the filter, but the sensor's been sheared right off! How? Where? Never been off road! Just potholes and puddles, like everyone else. Awaiting Vauxhall's advice. Oddly, warning light goes out, occasionally! Does anyone know where the fuel filter and sensor are?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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