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Hi Guys,

Firstly, i have a 2013 2.2 Antara that i have owned for around 6 months with a few niggles that have been put right.

Tonight on my way home I stopped at traffic lights to have the dash warning lights illuminate, the guages stop working and i get the 3 chimes.

I also noticed that when i pulled on the drive the electric handbrake would not engage, just got a click.

I have disconnected the battery for 30 mins, no change.
I have pulled the 30a fuse, no difference.
I have plugged in the code reader and initially could not connect with car then it did and i got a fault code which i could not capture but was brake related and a "U" code.

I have scoured this site and others and there are several posts with similar detail however few that actually have a solution or the post has been closed off with detail, they just stop......

Have any of you experienced this and found a solution or route that I could explore to resolution.

Thanks in advance

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