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Cruise Control

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I have just bought a new 2wd Antara Exclusive and have been told by my local dealer that if I want the cruise control to work they have to programme it rather than just been able to plug and play. Does anyone know if this is true or not.
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Use the search tool to have a look through the forum and you will find a few threads on this very subject and the quick answer is no you can buy the stalk and fit it yourself but for me details check out the various threads for more info.
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There are two types,depending on your model year.I got my CC from a VX main dealer on ebay. E.mailed himmy VIN to get correct type.Its all in the threads. Very easy to fit.
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Hi everyone, I'm new to this sort of thing but I can give you my experience with the retro-fitting of cruise control on my Antara Exclusive 2.2 Diesel (2 wheeldrive).We (the wife & I) purchased our Antara in October 2013. It was 10 months old with 1500 miles on the clock having been a demonstration car. I wanted cruise control fitted and the salesman who was excellent all the way through the purchase said "we can fit that no problem but there will be a charge as the car has to go on their computer which needs to be told that the cruise control stub had been fitted." All it was, was a simple removal of the indicator stub with a special or appropriate tool (a very fine screwdriver) and replace it with the correct stub. Cost me £100 through the dealers although I found afterwards that it was a simple operation to D-I-Y, as long as you could tell the computer brain that its there.
I suppose I'm safe in the knowledge that it has been fitted correctly and should operate correctly. No problems as yet and I find it a great way to drive the car. I dont know if the fuel consumption is adversely affected by it at present as I'm only getting around 32 mpg. Whichever way you have it fitted I would go and have it done.
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