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I have fitted cruise control stalk to my 2016 Exclusiv and my main problem was that I could not find screws "behind" steering wheel but once I had switched on brain it seemed obvious to start engine and turn hard lock both ways. Voila two screws found and operation took 8 to 10 mins to complete.
Have just had op on wrist so after waiting to get cast off and give me time to "get moving" the operation (on the car ) was a doddle .Now have the situation I wanted in the first place, low milage car and cruise control. Cannot see how original buyer would not want cc BUT I was confused by trim packages any way.
Bought kit from Pentagon Heritage Centre via ebay along with some fancy correct model mats. So chuffed now.
Now, can anyone recommend a towbar (swan necked ) as all I see are either loads of dosh or not the type I require .
Thanks for reading.. Bob
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