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Cruise Control installation guide.

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Hey everyone,

While browsing this forum I have noticed that there are a lot of info on cruise control stalks but its all over the place and to make things easier for new members I have decided to make this tutorial. This will work straight out of the box (plug'n'play) that is for facelift models and for older models you would need to fit clutch switch too.

Ok first you need to find your chassi number, it will be used to match cruise control stalk to your car. Ask VX dealership to match cruise control stalk to your chassi rather then you chassi to cruise control stalk. Might sound stupid but the guy at VX said that my Antara didn't have cruise control stalk and I said to him to look for GM# see if it fits and it did.

Most likely it will be:
GM#95462610 (fitted on my 2012 Antara Exclusive FWD)

Mine was ~£48+VAT
Oh by the way new part has grease all over it you might want to clean it before fitting it.

Ok here is step by step instruction on how to fit it(refer to the pictures for easier installation):

1) Undo 3 screws, two on either side of thesteeringwheel (start the car and turn steering wheel to either side to see the screws) and one underneath it.

2) Change the position ofsteeringwheel to the lowest position and pull it toward yourself to make it easier to replace the stalk.

3) Unclip top plastic part there are clips on both sides.

4) Gently pull itupwardsand it should pop out.

5) Locate the stalk pull it out and using small flat head screwdriver push theretaining clipthat hold stalk connector.

6) Replace the stalk and put the oldretaining clipback in.

7) Assemble it all back together.

On the actual stalk there is cruise controlbutton which activates it and its ready for use(yellow cruise control light on dash), then in any gear while doing 25+ mph press the lower button (-/SET) to set the speed for cruise control(green cruise control light on dash)

It switches off with clutch, brake and obviously using the button on the stalk.

Now you're another happy owner of cruise control :D
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Thumbs up, epic post, should be a sticky !
Hopefully administrators notice it now :D cause when new members try to look around there is a lot of information on cruise control for antara but its all over the place and many people say different things such as GM#, where its working or not, etc. Would be helpful if it was a sticky but it might not be written to that standart :D, anyways I just made it to make the life easier for the other members of the forum in future :D
Thanks you QuZee foryour step by step instruction...

Just fitted the cruise control stalk (10 min Job) part number 95462610 ebay item number 370979748151 on my 2014 Antara Daimond 2WD.... Works fine Awesome...
Just fitted part number 96673011, as directed by Pentagon, to my 58 plate AWD, quick easy job.Get the orange/yellow cruise control active light, but it won't set.
Guess I'll have to get the Vauxhall dealership to reprogram the car to accept it.
MOT due this month anyway, so will get them to do it then.
Just fitted this part (cruise control stalk GM#95462610/cost 49£) on my 2014Antara Exclusive FWD , works perfect. Just replace and go , 20 min job done :)
Reprogrammed at Arnold Clark in Greenock during MOT today for £60 + VAT, all good!
Just a quickie, our fellow member that posted the instructions and photo's is QuZee
Nice one. maybe there could be a FAQ section?
Sent e mail to pentagon last night, reply this morning just after 9 , cruise stalk ordered from link. The online shop is certainly on the ball.

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Stalk delivered today and put on61 plate antara, 10 minutesall working absolutely fine, vx can shove the £118 where the monkey sticks his nuts.
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My stalk arrived today, will fit at w/end when I get car. Lol

Cruise stalk now fitted , everything working brake, clutch, drops it out.

Resurrecting this super post, I am very interested in fitting this to mine, looking at the pics it says use small screw driver to unlock old indicator stalk, where about is the part to unlock not easy to see in the pics? I have a 2015 FWD Exclusiv so I assume I dont need to get it programmed, I have the BC working already.Many thanks Tony
As far as I know there's a groove on the bottom side of the switch and a retaining pin resides in the column. You need to get in with a long thin Allen key (rather than a small flat head screwdriver) to push the retaining pin in and wiggle out the stalk. When you fit the new stalk it locks in once it slides home.

The red arrow shows the position of the groove.

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If you get the new stalk off eBay you can see how it fits, it takes 10 minutes it's that easy
Ok seems like thats my next job

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Found this one eBay seems the right type for my car. Only thing is it comes as a complete unit rather than a stalk. But then again looking at the images in this post that looks the same (one complete unit)
Might be an idea to check if you have a switch fitted to your clutch pedal. When you press the clutch pedal, the Cruise Control should disengage.

Obviously when you touch the brake pedal it will also disengage.

Pressing the accelerator pedal: Does that allow you to increase speed then either hit Set to maintain the new higher speed or if you lift your foot off to resume the original setting?
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