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Coolant temp

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Hi - I'm sure I read here that you can have the coolant Temp displayed via the BC -had a quick look in the owners manual but could not find anything - anyone know how to get this info on the BC .. cheers
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You can check the temp in the testmode, which is a hidden service function. Turn on the radio and turn it down completely. Press the settings button until you hear a beep in the speakers. Then navigate through various pages by pressing the BC button
Thanks for quick reply - will try that cheers
been out to the car to try this - turned on radio - turned down volume what setting button is there to press and hold -do you meanthe setup button on the radio - nothing happens or is there another settings button - tried the pressing bc button but in settings just moves the screen on to time/date etc..... what am I doing wrong?
I have a different radio from the above - how do you display the coolant temp with the sat nav version? no setting button on unit?
Pass I've the standard stereo, it's the settings button that you set time etc with, sorry don't know about yours
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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