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Coolant loss problem

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Hi All, I noticed the coolant level was low in the header tank (just above the bottom pipe) so i filled up to the min level when cold. Now, coolant leaks out (i take its coming from the overflow pipe) during warm up, and it stops once up to running temp. I am now wondering if this is why the coolant was low to start with? Anyone had the same problem? Obviously the water is getting lower everytime (i topped up friday) and i am thinking it will probably stop leaking once it gets to the low level again. Maybe its a thermostat problem, and that is why it stops leaking once hot. Any thoughts anyone? Thanks in advance, Pete
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Could be a faulty pressure release on the cap.
Coolant loss update.

Its now 4 days since i topped up the expansion tank and the coolant level is dropping daily, Although the niagara falls under the vehicle seem to have stopped. I have informed the dealer and the car is going in on friday. I put 1 and half litres in on friday and it will need more in a couple of days. I think the problem is worse than i first thought. Well, at least i have a years warranty, think i am going to need it.
Doesn't sound good keep us posted what the dealer says.
Coolant loss update.
Been back to the dealer today and a knackered clip on the bottom Rad hose was diagnosed. After a hour and a half i finally got the car back and after a bit of negotiating (in other words 'Moaning') he agreed, reluctantly, to give me back the money i had spent on antifreeze. So far so good today, i have been knocking about in it and no leaks so far. I shall keep an eye on things but hopefully its sorted. I am now going to set about curing the rattles. Watch this space.........
Now that you mention the lower coolant hose that has been a issue that has cropped up before but not just a leak but a major failure ending up with over heating engines and engine damage if I remember so I guess your luck and something for others to look out for.Edited by: Grumps
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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