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Thanks Victor,
Just to update i have Done 6 for local owners up to now, to remove the internal gear , refit casing , driveshaft ect and new oil it costed at £200 , had two out of the six that need the casing repaired , havnt got an alloy welder so outsouced the casing to a local welder and that added £50 approx,
The cars drive normal afterwards just fwd only with no warning lamps.

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My antara transfer box gone. I want my garage to turn to 2wd .
Casing split so bought a 2nd hand casing as needed an alloy welder .
Garage says that all bearings in casing goosed and that I now need to buy all bearings as well. I would have been cheaper to buy new transfer box.
Garage says car will still be really noisy if I turn to 2wd without this , is this correct ? Any advice welcome
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