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Hi Matt,

Can you clarify that this can all be done with the car on stands or do you need it on a lift. Also, does the exhaust need to be temoved. Looks like I have to do mine now, got lots of noise, and it's not the wheel bearings!!

Thanks in advance
Easiest way is remove rear prop and os driveshaft, unbolt and remove 31, that releases 35, remove end plate after draining AND discarding old oil, 24 and 25 will now be free but most of the time 24 stays there, use 25 as a new door stop and rebuild with some sealer on plate, if its cracked ideal time to get welded. Get your oil from vauxhall and refill. I would recommend refitting prop and leaving the other rear shafts, Jobs a goodun.
Tbh if you are reasonably handy you should have it sorted on a sunday and should beable to slip it back together in half the time.
Hi can i ask how tight should the shaft 24 be,ive put mine back together and can hardly turn it with the case bolts tightened up.
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