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Can anyone help I just bought a 58 plate antara 2.0 cdti auto 4x4 but when I push the bc button it says no function should this car have the computer its the exclusive range
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Hi Howdey, Dont quote me but I dont think the exclusive hs the BC.
Iv read somewhere that the 4x4 has it but the 2 wd dosnt just strange how it has the 3 lines as if the computer there but says no function any other one iv had with no trip comp only has the 2 lines
they all have bc function, it just needs reprogramed , I did mine with op-com
Can you tell me what that programme you used was and how you get it please
Hi. I used a tool called op-com.its a laptop obd2 diagnostic tool similler to tech2 wht the dealers use. Check ebay. Bc easy to program with it. I changed my bc code from 01 which is computer off to 02 which is computer on.
Opcom doesn't work on the face lift model of Antara.

It connects okay but the functions are very very limited.
Yes but u can program ur bc by using astra h section. Go into the infotaiment section it allows you to do it as all bid screens are same . Thats how I did mine
Will pm u with step by step info later as am at work been a year since I did mine . Its the facelift model
It's the face lift I have so any info cheers
Okay I will have another look and see what it can and can't do
ok here is how to turn on the board computer using op-com, this works a treat for my antara which is the 2,4 petrol exclusive, select astra h 2010, go to infotainment, click on it, then click on dis board display tid,bid,gid.. you should now see a list of configs, click on the bottom one programing code index, a list of numbers appear, mine was set on first one 00103, board off, I clicked 00202 board on, then click program,, job done Vauxhall told me that the bc wont work on my exclusive
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can the opcom do anything else on the facelft
as grumps says it is limited on the antara, but it can do keys air bag, some bodycontrol things, it wont let you into the engine ecu, but I am sure it dose on one of the other lists as I have a seen all my engine displays but cant mind how I got it, will have a play around and post when I find it again, I bought one soley for programing the bc, as I read on other vx forums that this can be done shame on vx for not doing this at factory
will have a look,and see if this can be done, I would have thought that this could be cleared through the dtc`s as these can be cleared ,
You don't need op-com to reset the oil service light. Use the process below.

The reset procedure1. Close all the vehicle doors2. Switch on ignition3. Fully press throttle
pedal and release 3 times within 5 seconds4.Switch off ignition.
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