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Computer/loss of odometer reading

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I have an Opel Antara AWD 2L reg in Oct 07 (in Spain). Somehow my lights were left on overnight and I woke to a flat battery. Jump started from a friend and most of the information in the computer was there BUT the information from the odometer shows a row of 88888's (as does trip meter A and B). Rev counter is ok, speedo ok, petrol gauge ok - just this row of 8888s.

Local garage put it on the diagnostic machine and say I need to replace the whole panel (inc rev counter, speedo, petrol gauage) total cost £750. Surely if the Computer can continue to calculate diesel consumpton, range and recall kms done since the jump start to the battery, it should be a simple matter of resetting the odometer somehow? Or is that just too simple?

Help, anyone?
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Hi Hardy

Have you tried the usual way or resetting everything. I seems to be the standard fix for most things.

Disconnect the battery for 30mins. Just make sure you have any radio codes you might need.
Tried re-setting everything after the jump start but haven't disconnected the battery since. We don't appear to have any radio codes as the radio came back without problem.

Will try disconnect for 30 mins and then reconnect.

maybe a point of interest to you but did you connect the leads the correct ways about when jumping the car. there is a series of event to correctly connect the battery.
My husband and a friend sorted out the jump start - I assume the fact that it worked means the leads were correctly connected. How else could it have been done?

Still no odometer reading nor Trip A/B - all show 88888

Strangely the Computer Controller 1 and 2 both work and are registering the number of kilometres travelled but no info being transferred to the odometer.

I am still annoyed that for something seemingly so minor it's going to cost €750 to put right. I shall take issue with Vauxhall/Opel on this too.

Any more ideas we can try?
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