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Coming to the end of my tether

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Had my Antara since June 2013 covered 5,500 miles in it with a good mix of driving . It has now covered approx 21,000 miles total mileage( 61 plate). At the beginning of January started having DPF problems I took it to main dealer in Bolton who diagnosed faulty EGR valve and replaced it under warranty . 180 miles later with no attempt at a background regen and the DPF light comes on again. I took it for a good thrash on the motorway until the light went off (20mile extra on my journey) . I reset the trip meter after regen completed low and behold 90 miles later the light is back on. Yet again there has been no attempt at a background regen ,I know how to recognise when one takes place it definitely has attempted one . I've dropped the car off at the dealer who have promised to look at again tomorrow . I feel they may try and put the blame at my feet and wonder how best to proceed. I have already stated the car was their X demonstrator model and then briefly owned by a local solicitor who traded it in against a petrol insignia . I suspect he had trouble with the antara and the garage agreed the swap rather than fixing it. When I bought the car the oil change light was on the dash which I now know can come on due to failed regen cycles. I can't help but feel I've bought a car with an already failing DPF system ? I feel the only way to fix this is a new DPF but can't help but feel they'll suggest new sensors as a cheaper alternative . Has anyone had a DPF replaced under warranty ? I'm a bit gutted by this, it's a shame the cars a nice drive and tows like a dream but I'm starting to wish I'd hung on to my insignia now ...
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We have had similar posts from some one before, it turned out to be the pressure switch that senseswhen the dpfis saturated that was at fault. That line of invest is probably wotrh persuing.
There are two sensors one before and one after the DPF. They measure the pressure difference and then flag up a regen at a set parameter. If one is faulty they will cause a regen at either shorter or longer intervals, both not good. The dealer should be able to sort this very easily. I'm sure they have had enough experience.
Just had a phone call from dealer and learnt something new . According to them if the low fuel warning light comes on it won't start a regen cycle . They've asked for permission to put £20 of diesel in , they've also said the ECU has stored a fault code . I'm hoping they get to the bottom of it this time. EGR valve replaced last time only difference I spotted was a wandering tick- over when cold . It never used to do that before they changed it ?! I suspect with the car being an X demonstrator and the last owner using it for short journeys that the DPF might genuinely be full and the sensors might be ok . Ideally I would like a new DPF or at least the existing one professionally cleaned . Will report back when I know more . The girl on the service desk did say they have seen similar symptoms on an antara recently ?
Text received from dealership in Bolton - car ready for pick up ( whatever happened to good old fashioned manners - a phone call would have been nicer !) . Went down to pick it up and enquired into what they'd done to fix it. Was told they'd replaced the EGR valve and gasket and done a regen . Hold on a minute that's exactly what they said they had done last time 3 weeks ago ! I can't help but feel I will be revisiting them again shortly . I have zero confidence in their ability to sort this out maybe time to try another dealer...
90 miles since last forced regen and guess what ? Yes the DPF light is on yet again :-( Took it for a good run down the motorway at 6am this morning in 4th gear . Did approx 15 mile but instead of regen completing it's started flashing on the dashboard . Took back to dealer 3rd time in as many weeks how said there was no fault code stored . They have now decided to change an oxygen sensor and have ordered the part . I have told them to keep the car until they are confident it is fixed .
Now , now no need to be cheeky ;-) I have read plenty about the DPF and how it is supposed to work . Indeed my last car (vauxhall insignia ) had one but in 20,000 miles it never gave me any trouble at all....I let my wife drive the car to return it back to the dealers in Bolton today , she was not impressed having to leave it there and catch the bus back home . Next available courtesy car from dealer - 12th March . Let's hope it's fixed before then eh ?
Dealer unable to provide us with a courtesy car on any of the 3 occasions it has been in for DPF fault work . Leaving us without a car for the last 2 weekends . No it's not Pentigon it's situated on Manchester Road just down from where Boltons old football ground used to be . I'm hoping it'll be sorted this time else it will be getting part exchanged very soon
Someone's been deleting there posts on this thread ? ? In answer to JR123 's post no it hasn't been brought to vauxhall customer services attention . I thought I'd give the dealership 1 last try to fix this ongoing saga . They have had 3 chances to sort the DPF out so maybe time to escalate it to vauxhalls attention , I have previously returned defective goods ( a caravan) and from that experience learned it's the dealer you approach rather than the manufacturer. Usually the manufacturer isn't interested your contract is with the supplying dealership not the manufacturer . I am toying with ringing the finance company and getting them involved but will give the dealer one last shot first . I do like the vehicle I just want it fixed properly , surely that's not too much to ask ?!
Best to speak to Vauxhall and see what they say if the dealer are useless.

And yes some posts were deleted when a member who was already banned rejoined and was only here to cause trouble. When they are removed so are the posts so sorry for that.
Update , picked up car tonight . Trouble shot by a ' platinum level trained engineer ' vauxhalls highest grade apparently ? They have changed the oxygen sensor , cleaned the exhaust out and performed a forced regen. They seemed quite confident that this will fix it . Not confident enough to offer an extended warranty on the vehicles emmisions system though ! The fella on the service desk was quite helpful and tried to ease my mind. I'm annoyed at several issues how they missed the carbon build up after the EGR , after they replaced it twice and never bothered to check out the rest of the system ? Also the fact that no progress updates were given as the customer services agent had gone home sick and no one had bothered to deal with his allocated customers . It was left to me to myther them. Finally car in workshop for 5 days and no chance of a courtesy car.
UPDATE - now upto 440 miles since last regen . No warning light or background regen I've got everything crossed but it looks rather promising . If it gets to 500 miles before regenerating I will be over the moon with it . After suffering regen cycles every 380 miles then 180 miles then finally every 90 miles it's good to be able to enjoy driving the car again !

Just interested in the location of this garage.

I bought mine from a family run firm in Eccles, who I understand have recently been taken over by one of the big groups, as I am due to have a second service soon it would be good to know of potential problems.

Yup main dealer in Bolton just down the road from where Boltons old football ground used to be ( Burnden Park ) . I nearly bought one from the Dealer in Eccles ( Grimshaw's) but the sales staff messed me around a bit. I understand they have now been taken over by the Pentagon garage group . A sad sign of the times there's not many small local garages left these days , shame as Grimshaw's had a good name :-( .
Yes it is, they went beyond the call of duty when I bought mine, even as far as providing a brand new 19" alloy spare wheel, jack and tools as well as having the boot floor raised to accommodate it at no cost. Taking mine in on Tue at 10.30 to have the pipes checked as per vx letter, looks promising as in the past there were no time slots just leave it for the day.

Time will tell!
Yes sounds like they went the extra mile for you , where I bought mine from promised to supply me a spare steel rim for £50 but then tried charging £238 for it ! I declined the offer and bought a full set of new alloy winter wheels off a captiva for £200 from pentagon Derby - bargain or what? Let me know how you get on with your car , I will keep my eyes peeled for you knocking around . I commute between Worsley and Trafford park so may see you round and about .
Spoke to soon , made it to 480 mile zero attempt at background regen during this time ( I watch the computer like a hawk these days more than I watch the road !) just as I pulled onto work car park regen light started flashing , no time for a run as I would had been late for work so left it . Slightly odd the fan never kicked it when I turned the ignition off ? Anyway at end of shift jumped in the car within minutes regen light flashing ( thought engine had to be warm for regen to occur- not on this occasion though ? ) took it for a 20 mile 3000 revs blast down the M62 light went off at 17 mile mark . Fingers crossed that's the end of it for a couple of weeks . Im a bit confused that no background regen attempts occurred despite it having several decent runs out recently . I still feel its a poorly designed system , never had a moments myther from my insignia and that had covered 60,000 miles without any issues ....
For only the 3rd time in two years I had the dpf light come on at the weekend. I knew it would because the last regen a few weeks ago was interrupted and we have only done town driving for the last few weeks. Despite having a 20 mile drive each way on dual carriage way on Saturday my Antara started a regen and the dpf light came on on sunday when we were out driving about town. So I took it for a blast up the dial carriageway. About 20Mins and 18miles later the light went out.

As far as anyone can workout no background regens are done. It wouldnt be so bad if the ecu could workout that you were on a longer runs ideal for a regen so say that your revs have been high enough for a certain length of time and it automatically starts a regen or a part regen to reduce the carbon build up in the dpf that way if like me your only doing town driving for a few weeks then it shouldnt be a problem.

One way around this on the older systems like the Antara the driver could have an overide button and start a regen so if you know your going for a longer run press a button and the regen would start if it was needed if it wasnt then nothing would happen.
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I beg to differ my car used to background regen quite frequently . I mean by this no DPF light on dash but burning extra fuel to raise exhaust temps to burn off soot from filter . I think we're getting confused on terminology here Grumps ? I agree that the antara does not seem capable of passively regenerating by this I mean clearing the DPF under normal conditions without adding extra fuel to raise exhaust temps . I suspect something has been changed in the software on the car last time I took it back to be looked at . I must admit I do like the idea of an override button though . If anyone from vauxhall ever bothered to ask their customers what they wanted it'd surely be high on the list of requests !!
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