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Clutch issues

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Antara is currently in the garage with a suspected clutch failure!!

18 months of trouble free driving with only replacement brakes and front discs, the only cost over the last 12 months......

Saturday, Ant refused to change gear comming down te A57. Eventually went in gear and thought it was me being a fart!!

Sunday, would not go into gear and noticed that when it was (put in gear before engine started), crept forward without clutch raised!!!

Also noticed that there was no resistance to teh clutch pedal and felt loose (checked fluid level and although at minimum level, it was not empty) is the Ant sensitive to fluid level on clutch?

An hour ago, would not start as in gear, when clutch fully depressed, Had to slip the clutch for the 4 miles to the garage........waiting for their diagnosis.

What I would like some help with is my Ant has only got 46,000 miles on it. I am the second owner and have had it since it had 20,000 miles on it. I do a 40/60 split between 'A' roads and motorways and if the clutch has failed, I am struggling with why?

I dont think I ride the clutch that much and there have been no indicators that the clutch was on the way out. No slipping, no grinding, as said 18 months of trouble free driving..

Anhyone else experienced anything similar?

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First report from garage is that it is a hydrolic fault and the first port of call is for them to replace the master cylinder at the cost of £150. I dont think this is a bad price but vauxhall cannot provide the parts until next day, so lets see if this fixes the issue.

If not, then they will look at replacing the slave cylinder, but because this is in the gearbox, it will be twice as much and off the road for another day!!!!

Here is hoping its fixed with the masrt cylinder
master cylinder could be a good diagnosis as if it was the slave cylider, it would have emptied the resevior of clutch fluid. If one of the valve seals has failed, then the fluid is being allowed back, instead of creating the pressure for the clutch to operate.

Here's hoping that tommorow resolves the issue
Part arrived at 11:00 and Ant on the road at 12:30. All is good again and running like it should. Garage informed me that although mine is the only Antara they work on, the master cylinder is a frequent fault on the Vectra and Astra, even though they don't share any parts (They checked as the only supplier of the cylider was Vauxhall)

hope this proves useful information in the future to anyone sufferring similar symptoms
Thanks for the info. Glad its all fixed.

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i have the same problem with my antara clutch I am the original owner from new I have fitted a used master cylinder it was still the same i then fitted a new cylinder still the same it never looses any fluid I have reverse bled it no better has anyone any ideas what could be wrong
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