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We purchased a 7 month old Antara 2.2 Diesel with just 12,000 kms. Within the first day or two of driving the car I could feel an unusual vibration through the clutch pedal, I complained to the main dealers twice only to be told there was nothing wrong. A squealing noise appeared and smoke from the clutch when the car was under stress, again I had the main dealers look at it who finally agreed there was a fault on the clutch. Six weeks later our car was returned after they had installed a new fly wheel and complete clutch kit. Believe it or not the clutch pedal is still vibrating. The main dealers have tried a brand new ar from the showroom and have stated to be that this also vibrates and it is normal ! I have subsequenlty spoken to my personal garage whom I trust and he says when you have a vibrating clutch this is nrmally due to the flywheel being out of balance.

Can anybody else please come forward if yiur clutch on your Antara vibrates during use or are they smooth like a normal car should be. This would really help my case as I believe this is not the fault of the main dealers, this could possibly be a fault of the manufacturing process. If this is the case I will be looking to club together and take this up with the manufacturer. After all why should we pay so much money for a top of the range car and endure an annoying vibration clutch.

My main concern is as the clutch had already burnt out at 12,000 kms was this the cause of the flywheel out of balance and putting more stress on the clutch plate??? cannot afford to pay 2, 600 euros every 12,000 kms to keep replacing the clutch.

I look forward to receiving some serious comments from Antara srivers.

Thanks you

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