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Clutch failure

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Yesterday on a motorway in Spain when coming out of Cruise Control the clutch failed. Pressing it achieved nothing. Gears would not change. Got towed off to a garage and am awaiting their diagnosis.<div style=": rgb251, 251, 253;">

<div style=": rgb251, 251, 253;">We have used it recently for towing a small caravan - but have done no more than a 100 miles in total with the caravan attached.

My Antara is 5 years old and has only done just under 40,000 miles - surely this shouldn't happen?

Does anyone think I have a case against Vauxhall-Opel for some compensation?

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<div style=": rgb251, 251, 253;">Regards
<div style=": rgb251, 251, 253;">Lorraine
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<div style=": rgb251, 251, 253;">PS - Stupidly this is also under Towing (I was looking at the Towing section then decided to post but forgot to do it in the right area).
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I doubt there is chance of compensation unless you can prove negligence on the part of Vauxhall.
Without knowing your maintenance record, I would say that I don't see it as all that unusualfor a clutchto go on a 5 year old car.

I'd say you are just going to have to swallow it and get the repair done or maybe it's time for a new car.

Let us know how yoou get on.
vexorg said:
I'd have said over 10 years and over !00k miles would be the norm for a modern clutch.

I asked if the clutch is covered in their life time warranty and was told the clutch should outlast the 100k warranty. It would only apply for failures in the clutch.
You may be right. It just depends on why the clutch has stopped working.

Would a 5 year old Antara have a 100K warranty?
The car has had one previous owner and was new to me last October. Bought at 50400 km and now with 63500 km (approx 40k miles). All serviced according to the schedules.

I too would have thought a clutch should last longer than this.

Hopefully should find out what the problem is/was tomorrow sometime.
Hi Lorraine

and was new to me last October
Presumably you bought this from a dealer ?
Did it come with 12 months warranty ?
If so - it would be worthwhile contacting them and let them know that the clutch has failed.

I would also cover yourself and put it in writing to them too.

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Yes we got from a dealer, last October, but only with a 6 month warranty which seems standard here in Spain for second hand vehicles. Only one previous owner though.

Hi Lorraine

I doubt very much that you will get anywhere with Vauxhall.
They will argue that either you - or the previous owner - has caused the problem.

40,000 miles is, in my opinion, under half of the life of a clutch.
Vauxhall will not see it that way though!!

It is worth trying though. Nothing ventured .......
Just had our clutch fail. 2007 model with 74K on the clock. I have no way of knowing if this was original clutch though. Cost £930 including new flywheel. I sourced the parts myself and got local garage to do the work. Good luck finding a clutch release bearing, I got one of the last ones in the whole of europe.Edited by: Timbo
Thanks for all the comments - it turned out to be something in the hydraulic system that caused the clutch to collapse. €370 in total - so not too bad.
The problem with clutches are the driver. All drivers use the clutch in a slightly different way so some will last and others won't. The problem we as drivers have is that the dealer will just say "You ride the clutch mate, not our fault" Also if you do 50,000 miles in a city/town the clutch will last less than a car driven 50,000 miles on motorways.

I had a clutch go on a Volvo V70 at just 10,000 miles, took it back to the dealer who replaced it with no argument at all and commented that the clutch was at fault. They even reimbursed me the night I had in a hotel after the failure.

Now you don't get that from a Vauxhall dealer, well not our one anyway. The car breaking isn't a problem, it's the way in which it is dealt with that makes all the difference.
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