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Climate control fan speed

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Hi Folks, Does anyone have any ideas on this problem:The blower control knob on my Antara SE 2.00 Diesel Auto (with Auto climate control)doesn't control the fan speed. it's either full speedor nothing. Could it be a fuse/relay problem or will I have to buy a new Rheostat.
Thanks in anticipation
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My model doesn;t have this function,but on my previous car when in auto,the fan came on full until the desired temp. was attained. Is there a manual function?
I also have the 2.0 SE, recently with this hot weather my fan goes on ful blast but it does calm down once the cabin gets to the required temp, i will say though it does take a long time as its fighting with the outside temp. the heat reflective glass is supposed to help but my fan is on full more often than not, when we had the cooler period it was off for most of the time
That's how it works when in Auto. That's why it's called Auto. It works out the fan speed and vent positions. Now if it still does this when in manual mode, yes you have a problem. If the green light is lit up in the temp dial, you are in auto. If the other dial on the passenger side isn't lit then you are in individual mode. This could also be why the fan is running amok. Passenger light on, driver's light off and you are in full manual.
thanks for the tips. it still happens in manual mode. There isn't a happy medium. There's nothing on speeds 1,2 or 3, but speed 4 works fine.
Donnie, I'd say it's official. It's slightly broken mate.

Of course Vx will tell you that this is perfectly normal and is a feature of the system that customer feedback has shown to be popular.
This happened to me on my vectra, you'll find the resistor pack has gone kaput and it's the big resistor on top of the pack, if you replace it and it goes again then you'll find the fan motor is faulty as well drawing more current than it should.
Don't ask me where it is cause I don't have a clue, but you might find it's close to the motor housing in the depths of the dash board, somewhere plugged into the fan assembly duct where the airflow passes it to keep it cooled.
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