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Clarion Sat Nav & Top Display

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When I bought the Antara I opted to have the Clarion Sat Nav installed, the clock on the sat nav is fine however, there is no way of changing the clock, date or other parts of the top display because the radio etc has been taken away. Despite this unit being recommended by Vauxhall I am still no further getting this sorted. When the hour goes forward or back there is now way of changing this the top clock also loses time making it pain to know what the proper time is. I can't be the only one with this issue.
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If its connected properly you can using the following buttons

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Hi Grumps,

Thank you very much for this.

The car has been in to a main dealer for four days whilst they fixed the injectors. They accessed the menu by connecting via its port and lap top, just goes to show that they don't always know best. The dealer ought to join the forums
No problem glad to help thats what the forum is for.

I have to say I had to find out how to set it myself because the dealer didnt have a clue. My Clarion was the first one they had fitted but to be honest I think they subcontracted it and an auto electrician was brought in to fit it.

How do you find it. I had to get an aerial booster fitted because radio reception was so poor.
I also have this unit, the most irritating thing is that you have to have the ignition on for it to operate !There must be a way of altering thisI have asked the dealer and they say Vx asked Clarion to build them like that to prevent battery drain. Obviously the driver is not permitted to have a brain anymore !!
Hi Mike,

I have had the same system fitted for almost two years now, dealer fitted and like yours you had to have the ignition on for it to work. I contacted Clarion, who told me that they have many Vx owners complaining, I contacted Vx who also told me that it could drain the battery even when I pointed out how many hours it would take they still insisted that it was a 'safety' feature. Eventually the dealership sent the car to a 'specialist' electrician who sorted my towbar wiring and fixed the radio. Now it comes on with theacc position, but interestingly stays on after the the ignition is switched off for a good 30 secs. Out of interest my Clarion tends to reboot the sat nav at least once a month, requiring the voice to be chosen etc and resets the speed camera data off. Does yours do this?
Hi Dave,
I also had mine fitted by dealer from new 2 years ago, if I did have it rewired as you where do I stand with the warranty ? I also had a towbar fitted by a local firm through the Vx dealer and am sure they would be able to do the same.
As far as the Nav rebooting etc. can't say I've had that problem it's been good except I have to keep it set for a bus when towing the caravan unless it takes me down narrow streets etc.
Regards Mike
Hi Mike,

Not sure about the warranty & rewiring, but after two years who's going to know any difference. The chances are that the dealer contracted the work out, I know mine had a 'specialist' electrician who was only there two days a week.

I must look at the settings on mine, I wasn't aware that you could alter the vehicle size and as you say narrow roads and a large caravan are not a good mix.

Good luck, it's certainly much better being able to set the sat nav without the engine running.


If its connected properly you can using the following buttons

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