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SJG said:
I'm more impressed that who ever did it managed to remove and refit that stupid dashboard speaker grill that keeps popping up on mine, they could train Vauxhall how to do it..
I've figured that out.

You slide the bit facing you into its slots then feed each side down.
Make sure everything goes into its slot.
The last bit is tricky - there are two pegs on the far end that have to go into their holes or it won't clip down, one of mine was buggered and had to be adjusted with the rusty penknife. They have to be tucked under and the cowl squeezed, which pops the sides up :-(

Having got all lined up and pushed down the far-end left pops up again. There is no way to bear down on it because the windscreen is in the way.

I basically lost my temper and used my left hand as a jack between windscreen and cover to force it down until it went 'clunk!'. Wrist against 'screen and press with fingers, I have very strong fingers from playing guitar.
You might try a rock climber's fist jam - put your fist in tight and then twist it round to lock it into a crevice.

I now have a car/motorbike clock attached by a loop of stiff strong wire under the front lip of the cowl to a small screw fixing on the back of the clock, rather elegant and neat looking if I say so myself. It's got fluoro-luminescent hands so it shows up fairly well under the orange glow from the mirror above.

Why have they stopped putting clocks with hands in cars?
I'm driving, I've got driving glasses on, I haven't got the luxury of deciphering a fuzzy 24H digital display - instruments hands I can see in a flash.

Come to that, why haven't I got an engine temperature dial either? - it's important to get a diesel up to cooking temperature fairly quickly.

btw I did a tiny little bit of the development work on the first carbon fibre years ago, for use on Concorde's brakes (otherwise it was not going to stop at Heathrow's but end up in Colnbrook).

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