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Car insurance.......

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Wow....just got my insurance renewal in ........£467.96 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doubled in price.....Looks like my (now old ) insurance company have had a few claims on the Antara....Just renewed with another leading Insurance company..£223.34 !!!!
How can one company justify the price hike ! ???
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Pays to shop round they always stick it up you on renewal think they didnt want your business again!Edited by: dekka
Bought an mx5 in the summer had quotes from £300 to £900 how can they be so far apart its crackers with exact same details,
It's a right pain but every year one has to change all insurances, this year (because it's a new car) I took up LV as it has a new for old in the first year and the reviews on LV were pretty good..
I've been with L V for a few years, every time they go up I shop around for cheaper Quotes and they beat them.
They ALL do it because they know that most people will not go elsewhere they'll just pay it. I have friends that renew every year at huge premiums without ever shopping around.

Insurance is just another word for legal extortion or theft. Then you get the admin fees, recently I had some admin fees to pay...£40 to change my address, £40 when I bought a different motorcycle, £40 to change the number plate when I fitted a private plate and another £40 for something that I can't quite remember what it was....all in one phonecall, now how can they justify £160 pounds to have one person tap a few keys on a keyboard?

Then a few weeks ago I sold a car, phoned the insurance company to cancel the insurance to be told I'd get a £210 rebate, great I thought, not realising that there would be admin fees, I was left with £81!

Absolutely disgusting, they stole over a quarter of the yearly premium from me for doing absolutely nothing because I had the nerve to sell my car! I hate insurance companies, they're a law unto

They never used to be like that, but then I guess we are in rip off Britain!
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Couldn't agree more with what has been said so far.

How about this in march when I got my antara I did a full quote with Axa and it came out at £280 for the year I thought champion, as I had 2 months to run on the current insurance which I had paid in full (£490) in March 2012, I thought I would be able to switch without any charge, oh how wrong.

They wanted an extra £120 (for 2 months cover on the antara) making the full years insurance £610. When I asked how this could be no one could answer and the response was computer says. In the end I was told that the original premium I had paid, no claims etc on the policy had been reviewed and the price increased for the 10 claim free months I had driven, again no one could explain.

I ended up cancelling the policy, getting a refund and buying the new policy, they even gave me the years no claim bonus....

It's no different to utilities etc, they know we need it, they are up to the same tricks, don't care about the customer, new business means more, regulator needs more teeth to hold them accountable and they know a decent percentage will just pay what they ask without questioning it.

In my opinion the whole insurance market place for all products needs a fundamental review and almost scraping and starting again..... Rant over!
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Hi All,A friend is
an insurance broker, and when I was complaining one day that my classic car ins
had risen from £95 to £180 in six years with no claims made, he kindly
explained how it works.Insurance
renewal dueCheck how
much client paid last year and how much new policy is from insurance company.Add £200 then
a further £50Contact
client with new premium.Client grumbles
and says ok as they have not got the time to shop around.Client says ‘get
lost' which triggers sudden discovery that they thought you had the V8 model
which of course has a higher premium.Client
grumbles and complains about price rise etc.At this
point broker trots out various excuses, regarding increased overheads, young
drivers, insurance scams, cost of cat food etc. He then offers to contact
insurance company to negotiate discount as you are long standing customer.Puts phone
down, goes and makes a cup of tea, feeds cat, does crossword etc.After half an
hour he rings you back and explains that after exhaustive negotiations he has
secured you a £50 loyalty bonus.Client happy
as premium has come down a little, insurance company is happy as you have
renewed, broker is even more happy as he has made large profit for doing
nothing.‘C'est la
vie' as our French cousins say.
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